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Discover a new dimension in marketing

"The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Peter Drucker said these words in the mid-20th century. Today, they continue to sound so relevant. Marketing has always been and will always be a profession of the future. Because at its heart is not the theoretical satisfaction of needs. It is worth creating added value.
We know how to add value to your brand, your product or service. We research, analyze and discover. We discover opportunities that we realize together with you and that allow our clients to create the future.
How does this happen?
We work multichannel Our experts know every aspect of the various digital channels and will combine their experience and creativity to get the most out of your presence there.



You have a business idea and want to create your own brand? Or you already have a brand but you want to improve its visual presentation and communication strategy? Or you need a specific aspect of brand presentation - website, printed materials, identity?
We are ready to assist you in every aspect related to your biggest asset - YOUR BRAND! We work with specialists certified in the development of design in terms of UX user experience and IU user interface.  Your website will be designed according to all modern WEB standards. Our price offers are flexible and depend entirely on your project and we guarantee that we will offer you only what you need, without the need to pay unnecessary costs.
Our SEO team will help you optimize your search engine positioning, which combined with an active digital presence always leads to new and potential customers.
Our designers are experienced in producing hundreds of printed materials and billboards. We collaborate with some of the best printing companies in the country, thanks to which we can provide you with a wide range of promotional products.
When it comes to branding strategy, we will assist you in every aspect of its creation and subsequent implementation.


In today's marketing reality, consumers are being attacked by advertising messages almost everywhere. In addition to "ad blindness", this also leads to a significant increase in their decision-making time. Information is literally everywhere, and that means your brand must rely on a multi-channel presence. Depending on the specifics of each business, multi-channel presence is different too. Whether you choose to be active on Instagram at the expense of other networks, or rely on the good old combination of Facebook and Google Ads - it's a matter of research, concept and familiarity with customers.
We offer our clients professional presence management in all the TOP social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as gaining popularity with chatbots Viber and Messenger. We have vast experience in managing hundreds of advertising campaigns for world-renowned brands on Facebook, Instagram and Google's ad network. We develop digital strategies for small businesses in the field of services and online stores, as well as for fintech, marketing and B2B companies, for which the presence of social networks is traditionally a serious challenge.
What is your winning multi-channel combination - let's find out together!


Company party, music event, BTL - whatever you need, our team can realize it. CODE has a 9-year successful presence in the club life of Sofia. We specialize in the development of thematic image concepts and parties. Our team has extensive experience in campaigns with large and small budgets, with a flexible and efficient internal structure that allows adequate response in the shortest possible time. We also offer full image service - from marketing strategy, creative ideas, design, post production, PR.
What can we offer?
To create an innovative event concept for your brand.
To select the attractive artists for the performance.
To give life and authenticity in the presentation of your product.
To create lasting emotions in the end user.
To create an event and a complete campaign that you can be proud of.
To use the full potential of all digital and offline marketing communication channels.

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